What Is a Healthy Cat?

More than 73 million pet cats live in households in the United States.
What is it about these creatures that has made them America’s most
popular pet in the last decade? Is it their grace and beauty? Or is it their
ability to be somewhat independent and fit into our busy lifestyles?
Regardless of the reasons, it is definitely cool to be a cat owner.
You have also decided to become a cat owner—or at least, you’d
like to think it was your decision. In reality, it is often the cat who
chooses you. Each cat has a unique personality and different behavior
patterns, so I hope you will find the perfect fit for your household.
Bright eyes, a shiny coat and an alert disposition are all characteristics
of a healthy cat. Healthy cats have good appetites, groom themselves
well and interact with their owners.There is no one best place to find
a healthy cat, so in your search consider local shelters, breeders, neighbors, friends, coworkers and veterinary clinics and hospitals.
The most important factor in choosing a healthy cat is a good personality.You can tell a lot about personality even with kittens.To test a
cat’s personality, hold her in your arms and see if she is relaxed or tense.
2 Guide to a Healthy Cat
Cradle her upside down in your arms, like a baby, and